Benefits for Consumers

At Theqa, we understand that as an eShopper you have concerns about privacy, security, and the credibility of an eCommerce vendor. When you see the Theqa Trustmark on a website, you can be confident that you are dealing with a credible platform, that your privacy and data will be protected, you will receive fair treatment, and that the eMerchant will ultimately deliver on their promises to your complete satisfaction.

Compliant and
Credible Platform

Theqa members are only approved when they comply with all of Qatar’s eCommerce requirements, empowering you to make a purchase decision with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the site has been confirmed as legitimate and trustworthy.

Consumer Confidence
High Standards

Protection of Data
and Privacy

Securing customer data and privacy is compulsory for Theqa membership, and approved websites are required to put robust measures in place to protect your personal information so that it will not be lost or misused – meaning you can shop with complete peace of mind.

Fair Terms and

Theqa-approved eCommerce vendors are required to provide reasonable and fair terms and conditions, including return policies that are in line with international best practices, providing you with all the reassurance you need as a consumer.

Increased Visibility & Differentiation
Digital Credentials

Delivery on

You expect an online retailer to keep their word, from product information to delivery dates. Theqa-approved retailers must adhere to strict guidelines that ensure the timely, transparent and hassle-free fulfillment of customer orders, to your complete satisfaction.